The Animals' Peace Garden

The Animals' Peace Garden is tucked into the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, USA, just east of the Rockfish Valley.  Since 1978 a large variety of animals have found home and sanctuary here, many arriving already elderly, or with disabilities. Some have suffered previous abuse and neglect. Once here, they become family, to live out the rest of their lives with unconditional love, respect, and honor every being deserves. The ethos of The Animals' Peace Garden draws upon the belief held by Dr. Albert Schweitzer: that of Reverence for Life.

 Over the years the Animals' Peace garden has evolved beyond a physical place into a world-based voice for writers, poets, artist and photographers who share our belief of Reverence for Life. Three publications have directly arisen from 30 years of work with animals and people: Blessing The Bridge (New Sage Press 2001), Ask the Cow (Publishing Works 2008), and the quarterly journal La Joie(Since 1990). Through a percentage of revenues from the sales of these and other products of The Animals' Peace Garden, the work of other organizations and individuals is supported in an ever-expanding network of writers, artisans, animal caregivers and Earth Stewards.

  The Garden itself actually began in the 1930s by previous property owner, Martha Walker.  According to relatives, she planted what she referred to as her "Prayer Gardens" all around the original house. Subsequent owners did not keep the gardens, but in the spirit of Miss Walker's tradition, the current owners began creating the Animals' Peace Garden, initiated in 1994 as flower, shrub, tree and herb gardens that continue to welcome birds, insects, wild animals - including the occasional black bear - as well as the continual flow of special need dogs, cats, rabbits, ducks, chickens, donkeys, goats and now infamous cow, Christina. While still small and humble, the gardens provide a tranquil retreat that looks out upon part of the Blue Ridge Mountain range.

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Excerpt from La joie
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